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Testimonials and reviews about our service

The very best in the business

Let me tell everyone that Julian is the very best in the business, a consummate, brilliant professional.

Alex Waters M.B.E.
This man is a genius!

Massive thank you to Julian Richard Wilson for my Bowen technique massage today.

I've had such a bad back since having a baby, but I can honestly say I've not felt this good or relaxed in years.

Anyone in the Lincoln area with aches and pains let me know. This man is a genius

Tennis Elbow Has Gone

I suffered from tennis elbow for over a year. Nothing would help it go away.

I was unable to fully extend my arm and had a dull pain in the joint when bending it.

Doctors advised to "wait it out" and it should go away on its own, they would not offer any further treatment as it was not a serious enough issue, pretty annoying for me though!

Julian used the Bowen Technique over just two sessions, I could actually feel a benefit.

The real breakthrough came after the 3 or 4 week period, when the arm started to really free up and now I have very little issue with it at all! I can (almost) fully extend my arm and the dull pain is down to a bare minimum.

Thanks for saving me...

Dear Julian,

Thanks for saving me from all that pain

Lots of love

Jerome Flynn
Footballer Treatment

Thanks for the treatment

Mikkel Beck

Thanks for all your help

From us all x

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